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Saturday, September 23, 2006

One Page Synopsis

Well, the two 1-page synopses for Luna books 5 and 6 are done and will be hauled to critique today. I'm not totally satisfied, so my group will help me out.

There are several ways to structure a one page synopsis and looking over my notes (RMFW discussed this on loop in 1999 and I saved stuff), I think it depends on your genre.

Leslie O'Kane gave excellent advice on doing the mystery: (paraphrasing) a word about the protagonist, the suspects and motivations, climax and wrap-up.

For Romance or Romantic Suspense, I like:

HERO'S INNER CONFLICT, HEROINE'S INNER CONFLICT (which can both lead to attractive qualities and the ultimate conflict between them; I start with who needs to grow the most), OUTER CONFLICT (PLOT), BLACK MOMENT, RESOLUTION (character growth, what they learned from each other and a LOVING relationship) -- this was my response.

But for Luna, my new editor definitely wanted "to see where the story is going." So I went for the TV Guide Blurb thing. The beginning-middle-end sort: Logline, setup with main character, present situation, inciting incident; overview of the challenges in mid-book; summation of the climax and ending.

I'm not completely happy with them, thus taking them to critique, but they DO tell the story.

May you enjoy the details today.


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