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Monday, April 03, 2006

Celebrate Romance

First, my apologies for not logging in, but to my parsimonious indignation, the large hotel chains such as the Marriot and the Westin charge $10. a day for internet access.

Also, just before I left, I broke the enter key on my laptop. This may have been Freudian so I couldn't write.

I had a great time, the people were warm, welcoming, and everyone had great stories to tell and books to share. My discussion group on covers went well, and I met up with the Squires (Susan and Harry -- who wrote a fascinating book called This Rough Beast under the name of H.R. Knight) and we talked Writing and Publishing until we would have glazed over the eyes of a roomful of people who aren't writers...

The food was very good, except they had no tea set up for breakfast and I was running late every morning so I didn't make it in my room with my coil heater and own tea.

By the time the conference was over, I was so tired that I ditched the plans for visiting the Queen Mary and Titanic Exhibition -- and was pretty saturated with people. For a person who lives alone, these things can be intense.

Oh, and my Raffle Basket (the cat tapestry pet carrier with goodies) did well, too. Tomorrow I'll probably talk about Covers again, since I now have had excellent input from folks in the discussion groups.

May you all feel ultra dedicated to writing today.



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