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Monday, March 27, 2006

Promo - Distinguish Yourself 1

Image hosting by PhotobucketGetting the word out there about you and your books is important...and it can be difficult. My friends and I were talking about this over brunch yesterday...we are all bombarded with advertisements all the time. Lately I've heard it takes about 75 impressions/ads before something really sticks anymore.

When HeartMate was out and my only chick for a year and a half, I tried all sorts of things. I did mini excerpts with my signature lines in email -- lines that SHOULD intrigue but aren't my BEST lines...I'd hate to use all my best lines. I have these filed according to chapter for chronological month by month, and by topics, such as action. Here are a few:

T'Ash rolled the divination dice. They spun and stopped: "Today you will meet your HeartMate."

T'Ash sighed, quenched he dagger in the trough, and heated up the fire. "We're nothing but Downwind scruffs, Zanth." **Speak for self,** Zanth retorted, lashing his crooked tail.

A man came running, sword blade gleaming...a hand caught his shirt and Rand squealed, a high caught-animal sound. Papa had taught him a spell Word and Rand shouted it.

[Not including sensual one that I used on my sensual romance lists]

Looking back, I see I used review snippets:

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"This story is magical, the foundation of which is founded in what we now call paganism, but the magic goes beyond mere spells" The Best Reviews "Full of magic, rogue warriors looking for trouble and lots of danger" at Author’s Den

Or my absolute favorite for Heart Thief: "I loved Heart Thief" -- Jayne Ann Krentz

Now I have a couple:

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Robin http://www.robindowens.com
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