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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Golden Hearts/RITAs - Romance Writers of America Awards

Image hosting by PhotobucketYes, the calls to the Golden Heart and the RITA finalists went out yesterday, and No, I didn't receive any (I entered all three pieces so I'm "out" a big chunk of change). Boo hoo. Yeah, I'm disappointed and clutching my rationalizations to my bosom, using them in turn. Since I'm published, I have the option of NOT receiving the scores and I won't -- don't need that downer, too. My hope now is that though I didn't final, the people who judged my work enjoyed it and may consider me as a new author they'd like to buy...(yeah, rationalization). I usually like to forget when the calls are going out and somehow didn't manage that and got blue all day, and WORSE, I ALLOWED the distraction and depression of it to blow what was shaping up to be a good writing day. I'm irritated at myself for that. I can't afford to blow good writing days. Enough about me.

I AM VERY PLEASED to announce that my friend, Linnea Sinclair
http://www.linneasinclair.com/ is up for TWO -- Best first book, Finder's Keepers, and Best Paranormal, Gabriel's Ghost -- these are excellent futuristic space stories that I've enjoyed and since I'M not up for a RITA, I'm glad SHE is. It will be a real blast partying with her in Atlanta.

May you let no depression of mind or spirit keep you from your creativity today.


Blogger merlinsmuse said...

I'm so very sorry, Robin. The thing about any kind of contest is that they are so very subjective. One person could love your book, the next could hate it. No matter how hard a judge tries to be objective, I don't think it's possible. Their score will be colored (sub-consciously) by whether it's a theme that resonates with them or not.

Just think of the odds you've beaten getting to where you are now, though. Most people never even accomplish what you have, so you should be proud of that.

But, heck, it sure would have been nice for you to win.

Have a great day and keep writing,

7:17 AM  
Blogger Joyce said...

Just finished GOH and loved it!!! Once again I read SOF first and then GOH. But they stand alone so I don't think it made any difference. Can't wait for your next book!!!!!!!

4:37 PM  
Blogger moonhart said...

I wuv you Robin.


That should be waaay better than some little old RITA.



7:41 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Thanks Merlin, and you are so right, contests are subjective, and I could run down my rationalizations: It says RITA winner on all my books, so I've already gotten one, Paranormal competing with Romantic Suspense (Books with romantic elements) usually does not win out...I've got more than a dozen of them...




6:15 AM  

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