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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Horse Camp 1

I fell in love with the horses.

I don't think it was horses in general, but these particular horses. Or maybe Lipizzans. Individual personalities on hooves. Oh, they were loving themselves, and sly, and mysterious, and pushy and...all the things an animal companion can be.

It was a wrench leaving them, but, you know, these horses BELONG WITH Judy. They are bonded to her.

And yes, I liked the horse I rode, Sancho the Mexican Ranch Horse. He was sensitive and gentle. I could tell he understood what the trainer and I were trying to communicate to him.

The main thing about horses that I've learned is that they are very sensitive to gesture, body position, probably individual personal forcefields. One twitch and they can misread you -- and humans don't often communicate well in Equine.

More later, and may your secondary characters provide wonder today.


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