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Friday, February 24, 2006

Research Trip...Do's and Don'ts

Yes, very, very late...I have a few do's and don'ts of a Research Trip.

First, if you're with a parental unit, you automatically fall into "child" mode, and defer to the unit (at least I do)...then the priority to write gets moved down.

Don't do it during the Olympics if you love watching them. If you drive all day, and watch the Olympics at night (or other sporting/TV event), you lose writing time.

Leave time for exploring interesting places...no matter if you don't think the place doesn't apply to what you're currently writing, it will stick in your mind and you can use it (like you can use anything) later.

I'm beat, and still processing consciously and unconsiously my first day of Horse Camp.

May all your experiences funnel into your writing today.



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