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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Research -- Horse Camp

It's the last day at horse camp and I will have my lesson today. I've been with the horses and Judy quite a lot and spent some time watching them. Talked a lot about writing and publishing with Judy and current events and Stuff.

The horses are awesome, big and beautiful and the different colors of the Lipizzans because they change color as they age. The Lipizzans look like Old Horses, horses with nice, round butts and bellies that you see on the Parthenon, in the Chinese statues of flying horses, in paintings. Beautiful and awesome.

I have led a horse (Kephera) and been walked around on his back, and today Judy and I have a lesson. The modular set up here is awesome with gates to open/shut stalls and arena and observation area and breezeway and paddock to change the size and variety of space. Since horses are all about space and spacial and status relationships (defined by who can get into whose space), I think just the set up of the farm and how the space is changed can be interesting to them. The space is arranged in a certain way on lesson day so now they know what's coming...

I was supposed to ride Capria, but she has a hurt leg, Pandora is too big, my legs would stick out, so I am riding a neighbor's horse, Sancho. Sancho is considered one of the herd. My lesson is in about 3 hours.

Lot's of "hanging over the fence watching and petting" time.

Mom and Aunt Sylvia seem to have made the round of Father Kino missions in Mexico ok and Mom should be here to pick me up late afternoon. I still worry a little.

I am in my new jeans with the legs rolled up. I don't have the new boots on yet ("all man made material") but I've walked around in them some. I suppose I could gear myself up into something next year including the boots for booksignings.

I think the Lipizzans will be excellent models for my volarans and I'm working them into Calli's time on Earth, too. Did I say they were awesome and beautiful?

May today find you with beautiful and awesome words.


Anonymous a reeder said...

Lipizzaner horses are - as all horses - beautiful; but, if you are thinking of a breed that would be more credible as "flying", the Arabians would be more credible, since they are of a slighter build.
Hope you are having a wonderfult time and look forward to reading about your experiences.

8:19 PM  
Blogger moonhart said...

OOoooooh! I KNEW it would be a great experience!!!

Fat white ponies = a treasure trove of writing material.


5:31 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

I'm thinking that I still need to ruminate, but plan on really checking out what I've written on Protector of the Flight...nothing I can do about Guardian of Honor and Sorceress.

And Lipizzans can JUMP very high and were once used as warhorses...

5:22 PM  

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