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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Dry Times Fears / Writer's Block


I took a couple of days off -- more panic rather than refilling the well, but I'd strained my neck badly looking at the monitor and muscles needed rest. The monitor is floating on an arm, so I think I've finally got it adjusted right. I could, of course, have worked on the laptop downstairs, but I didn't.

So when I hit the keyboard this morning, I wondered if anything new would come. This, too, is part of deadline fear.

And regular fear if I take a break. I take the fact that I can write x number of words a day for granted, but deep within, I think they could all dry up at any time.

Working writers can't afford a writer's block, and I think that blocks come from basic fear. What if no words come? What if the words are bad? What if.... INSERT 10,000,000th FEAR HERE.

Yes, I have creativity exercises on my website and around me, and books. A lot. But the basic cure for writer's block is putting the butt in the chair and just writing. Nonsense if you have to, strange tangents to the plot, if necessary. But WRITING.

May you know no fear today.


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