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Friday, March 25, 2011

Name, Story, Character, Magic Generators

All right, I need a name for my 3/4 mer 1/4 elf hero, and I've spent too much time on the above site. It's a wonderful incredibly fun site.

May you enjoy your wanderings today.


Anonymous Gina G said...

Rowan Kai-Merric
Merman & elf - he sounds delicious - I can't wait to read about him. I adore your books.

3:53 PM  
Blogger Anna said...

Try this website: http://www.myprecious.us/name_generator.php

It's based on Lord of the Rings. You pick the race (elven, hobbit, dwark, human, wizard.) Pick male or female. Then type a name.

i.e. "Steven" Elven male = Raella, Lord of Nargothrond

My name converts into Uraradith of the House of FĂ«anor. Try it. It's fun!

4:50 PM  
Blogger Janice said...


9:11 PM  
Blogger FantasyAuthor RobinDOwens said...

Thanks! Since I'm back in Enchanted Again, I'm not going to check on what I used. I really wanted something like braided jets (water, an image I have in my mind) but that is NOT hero/sexy.


7:05 AM  
Blogger Donna said...

http://chriswetherell.com/elfis a fun site - I typed in fountain for 1st name then water for surname and it came up with Elessar Nenharma which sounds quite cool. My own name comes up as Gilraen Elendil which I'm not so fond of!

6:34 AM  

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