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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Don't Use American Greetings ECards

All right, I got a lovely ecard. I wanted to send one. I signed up for a "Free Trial."

I realized today that my "free trial" was or would be up.

1) There is no good contact info on the americangreetings.com website to email.
2) You have to call to cancel an account.
3) The automated system had better recognize your account.
4) I was on hold for about TWENTY minutes before I hung up without speaking to a single person.

5) Looking around, I found an email for the sales dept. and emailed. This was bounced as a permanent failure.

This is not a good system. I will never use American Greetings (or Blue Mountain) cards again.

Better to craft and send an ecard of my own, or from some of the sites I have listed in the past on my website, UNICEF.

May your day remain shiny.


OpenID estara said...

If you'd like a fairly original ecard creation kit, how about the medieval Bayeux tapestry creation flash kit?
The whole thing is navigateable in English and you can send it as an e-mail afterwards. It has existed since 2006, so the meme furor has died down.

12:05 PM  

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