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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Writing Rituals

Celta is a pagan society set 400 years after colonization by psychic Earth people. I've written bits of rituals for the books -- a wedding ritual, a Healing Circle, Yule holiday in Heart Fate.... The Healing Circle is probably the most detailed, but I haven't (and don't anticipate) doing a full step-by-step ritual.

And what's most important to me in a ritual is that it reveals characters. For instance, I'm working on Halloween/Samhain (which is New Year) for Genista's story Heart & Soul. I've read several online Samhain rituals, and pulled out about five research books.

In this Samhain ritual (as in many), a slip of paper is tossed into the fire with what the individual wants to remove from his/her life. Such as impatience, or being judgmental.

For Genista, as all who've followed her story should guess, it will be grief and guilt. For Cardus, the hero, it's unrequited love and loneliness.

And, like all Samhain rituals, both Genista and Cardus will be expected to work on these issues. It's not "throw it into the fire and poof, it's gone."

So I've written much of the non-ritual stuff and now need to put in the framework, and add a bit of philosophy, and (hopefully), deep thinking/feeling on my characters' parts.

Of course there is also a FamDog. So far in the anthology, I have two dogs, a cat, a housefluff and a fox, though the fox is out of town and I'm not sure when he'll show up....

May you enjoy your imagination today.


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