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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Critique -- What if I do this? Or that?

I had a friend call me today and we went over her comments page by page on the phone. She would have a problem with a line, a transition or some question about why a character said or did something.

I made (mostly) corrections as I went along. "What if I deleted that line, would it work better?" "What if I added something like this...." and typed it or made a note that two or three more lines should be added to finish a thought off.

A couple of times I decided that I'd leave something alone, or wait for other feedback.

But I felt very professional and not confused by her comments. I think that's because I read and transcribed edits from hard copy to the computer yesterday and that I have THE CHARACTERS DOWN SOLID. What would they say and why would they say it? What were they feeling at this point of time?


So Heart Story is sitting at Heart Story Revision 3, and not in final format, but I'm feeling really good about it.

Meanwhile I DID finish Heart & Soul (Genista's story), about half an hour ago. I know I need to tweak a couple of spots tomorrow, but then will send it out. It ended up 32, 834 words, 149 ms. pages.

Tomorrow is Heart & Soul and Noble Heart (Walker Clover's story), chapter 1.

I'm feeling very accomplished and pleased with myself and earned my chocolate candy today and my sticker. LOL.

May you be pleased with yourself.


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