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Monday, December 06, 2010

Plot muttering

I mutter to myself (or to the cats if they are around) about a plot or character point all the time, sometimes stomping as I go. It helps me think. This is particularly true if I am working on pages that have been critiqued...and trying to see if I should do what they want (all right, like yesterday morning).

If I get something like...."I agree with P., tell us more about complication 2." Since these were the first pages of Noble Heart, Walker's story, I don't know him as well as some of my other characters. But I did figure out what was bothering me and what to do about the critique.

Walker is 1) sick 2) overwhelmed by complication 1. He wouldn't be bothering about complication 2. Soooo, I put down something like that. "His life was falling apart and he can't think of Complication 2 right now." That should satisfy everyone.

After all, you need to leave some hooks for your reader. ;)

And I suppose I should go back and title this blog: "leaving plot hooks for your reader" and pretend that it is something I think of all the time, without stomping around and muttering.... I'll probably be erudite on Facebook, since it's a lot fewer words. ;)

May you enjoy your own muttering today.


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