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Sunday, October 17, 2010

(First) Book Signings

I have a friend whose first published story is coming out in an anthology today. I, of course, am going, along with most of our mutual friends.

You can count on everyone to come to your first book signing, even acquaintances who will never read your book will come and buy it.

Never base numbers for SECOND BOOK signings on those of first book signings or the first signing of your first book. By then, people feel if they show up they are obligated to buy your book (this is not necessarily true, I'd have LOVED people to just show up at a couple).

By this time, I sign with a couple of other people or not at all. Not my critique group, even. Not folks in my writers' association. They think I don't care, or (heaven forfend) I don't need the money, and, let's face it, I'll have another book out in nine months, year, so if they don't see me now, they can catch up then....

I care PASSIONATELY about people coming to my signings. Buying, hell yes, but just showing up, too. And it is hideously humiliating when folks don't show. So...I don't sign by myself. I always have another author to sit with me so we can talk...usually about publishing, sometimes about writing.

And most of the time it is two veterans of the publishing wars talking about it. So see what folks (who usually are interested in publishing more than our books). Sure, we don't totally let our hair down in public about publishers, but any general question we'll answer. And, yes, you need an agent.

May you enjoy your outings today.


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