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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

'Castle' Does Steampunk -- Spoilers

If you're interested in steampunk or one slant on what it is, go to ABC.COM and watch last night's "Castle."

A disclaimer: as a depiction of a writer's life, even a multi-millionaire writer's life (I am squeaking by) the tv show of Castle is ludicrous. In the first season he "wrote" in one episode for about 5 seconds. NOW we never see him writing on the show (though apparently during the summer he finished a book). We see him 'writing' for two seconds in THE OPENING CREDITS.

However last night the investigation led to a Steampunk club and it was AWESOME. I am pleased to say that I think I clued in about a minute before it was shown. Not much, but enough to give me an ego boost.

And Castle was SLOW on figuring out what the club was, but I think that was the explanation for viewers. If he were real, the moment the door opened he'd have known. He's a writer with a flexible mind.

But the GADGETS (mechanical arms, goggles, the pennyfarthing -- bicycle with a small back wheel and large front one) were, again, AWESOME. Also fascinating was a section where old-fsshioned dueling pistols were taken to a shooting range and shown to be very inaccurate due to the non-rifling of the barrels. Which I knew about already, too.

I know ABC.com puts up shows, because I watch them. So again, if you want to see a slant on steampunk to wrap your head around it -- all the vigor of the Victorian era with none of the repressions and industrial drawbacks -- go watch Castle.

There was also a wonderful bit for Nathan Killian, when he transforms from easy-going writer to tough guy. Wonderful body language, the way he stood in the doorway and wouldn't move....very cool.

So, go forth and be enthusiastic.


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