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Friday, October 08, 2010

One the Spot Plot

All right, this is the quick 3 minute writing I did during Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers' conference with my friends.

For the beginning, the audience gave us: Crime Scene Cleaner. I, of course, was doing sf/f as a genre.


She sloshed through the blood, ruining her suede knee-high boots. This was NOT how she thought her new job of sanitary inspector of space station twelve would be like.

She was getting even with Joe. Just because she'd pointed out that he'd messed up her best red trench with backwards runes, she'd gotten stationed here.

Wait! She looked at the cuff of her coat. Maybe it was the runes themselves that put her in this crappy job.

The golden sigils flickered and crawled up and down her arm.

The door opened and Joe entered.

Revenge would be sweet.

And, hmmm. There was so much going on, Cassie Miles talking about what needs to be in the beginning, teasing from our moderator, Janet Lane, comments from the audience -- that I had to actually finish some incomplete sentences above.

Middle. Joe has become Dan (because Steven Moores had great characters named Dan and Julie and we took the cue from him).


Dan eyed Julie, she was too fragile for this wretched work. She should be taken care of like a rose. A long stemmed rose.

"I love this job. Hand me the blood sucker," she said....
Then I hopped up and said (my turn to explain) The middle! Urgh, the middle! That swamp, that morass...

But there is an architypical plot structure that will lead you through the middle like stepping stones of solid ground across the swamp.....(and so on for 3 minutes).


Those chemicals and baskets went up with a radical swoosh. Julie tottered on the ladder at the top of the warehouse room.

Dan was down below. She choked on smoke and tears. She could teleport him. Save him. Maybe. Maybe. If she managed to hold onto consciousness this time. If she didn't stay conscious they'd both die...and she loved him. Yes.

Wrapping her arm around a rung, she focused on him. He was moving through the fire toward her. She concentrated and grabbe him mentally and had him, his weight, his mass.

She had him! She transported him. Darkness took her but he held her tight.


BTW, I won. LOL.

May you enjoy any strangeness in your day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bad Woman. Now I want to read this story, too.

9:54 PM  
Blogger FantasyAuthor RobinDOwens said...

LOL, that IS the story, pretty much. I'm sure you can fill in any blanks.


10:02 PM  

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