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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Displeased with myself

I am displeased with myself today. I didn't look at my schedule closely and missed one that I moderated, which got me off to a bad start. I don't think I handled the reading well, yesterday. I rambled too much.

Also, I said something to a reader (not one who read my work) that made her defensive and I HATE when that happens to me, so I will have to hunt her out and apologize to her. I hope I can find her, her badge was turned over so I don't know her name.

I hate being gauche or a snotty author. That's just not supportive or professional. Since I said the stupid thing in front of another author, I must apologize to her, too, though since she is supportive and professional, she will forgive me. ;)

The problem is gossip and being the butt of stories. I don't mind telling stories on myself, but being remembered for one gauche moment is not good.

Maybe I'm being too thin skinned. Yesterday and today have been overwhelmingly gray. And I found a mediocre review of Heart Journey on the web from someone who usually loves my books, so that was a downward slide, too.

And now I'm rambling here.

Just remember. Neurotic writer = oxymoron, and each one of us can have our very stupid moments.



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