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Monday, December 28, 2009

Write It Down Now!

I was vaguely thinking of book 2 in the Mystic Circle series for Luna a couple of weeks ago...this series had been in my head but not necessarily for Luna and I planned on starting with the hero's point of view. But Luna books are about a woman's adventure and growth so they like you to start with a female point of view...and I had that, but I didn't write it down just THEN and it slipped away.

I firmly believe that all ideas will eventually return to you sometime or another...hmmm an interdimensional purse of lost ideas? DIBS!...but when they shake back out and onto your head like fairy dust glitter and in what form is always questionable...like three years from now when the book is done and out, would not be good.

Jot your notes down now...and this applies to all creative endeavors.

May you enjoy your bliss today.


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