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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Of Contracts and Deadlines

I am currently under contract for five books. I sold three of these books to Luna and got the advance this year. I sold the three "Heart" books last year.

The last "Heart" book in the three book contract is due December 1 of next year. The proposal for it is due earlier next year. IF I turn that book in on December 1, 2010, my editor has 60 days to accept it...and that's pretty much when the option book(s) for the next contract need to be presented, which means if I sell more Heart books it will be in 2011.

I will probably sell no more books next year UNLESS I find the Luna book is shorter, around 95,000 words and I can squeeze out another series somehow.

So next year:

Turn in a proposal for book 2 in the Mystic Circle (current title of Luna series)
Turn in Enchanted No More
Turn in a proposal for last book of the Heart contract (which I'm now thinking of as Heart Secret)
Turn in last Heart book
Work on Heart book proposals

And any other ideas as I have time....

You know, this looks like a whole lot of work, more than I'd vaguely realized in the back of my brain.

I think I have 2 paragraphs and a dim idea of Book 2 of Mystic Circle
I have three chapters and a general idea of the plot for Heart Secret
I have ideas for the next 2-4 "Heart" books if that series continues:
Laev, **new hero**, Antenn, Vinni.

Yep, a lot of work, good thing I'm a writer.

May you enjoy looking at your future today.


Blogger Joyce said...

I just finished HEART CHANGE and can't wait for Laev's story. Your books are so comfortable. I don't even feel like starting a new book. REALLY enjoy your books.

4:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays, Robin.


7:16 PM  
Blogger Janice said...

Merry Christmas Robin.

Oh did I mention I got my first book contract? Its a contemporary romance called Windswept Shores due to be out Feb. 4, 2010 I'm so thrilled.


1:09 AM  
Blogger FantasyAuthor RobinDOwens said...

Joyce, thank you, and I knew you'd sold, so congratulations on your upcoming pub date!

Tine, thanks for the good wishes and I hope you are having happy holidays too. Your email was very helpful (and I emailed you back), and you should have received the first edition of HeartMate by now...


7:59 AM  
Blogger Karen G said...

I know you posted this quite some time ago, but as you were talking about new "Heart" books, I wondered if you had ever considered doing Claif Clover's story? Obviously this would require some character growth from him as he'd have to get over his laziness/attitude toward finding her.

I can't wait until Heart Journey comes out. I just read the excerpt on your page and was very frustrated until I read this blog as there was no mention of who the hero was. I was going a little crazy there for a bit.

Anyway, love your work, and hope what you're working on today is going well.


3:10 PM  

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