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Friday, December 18, 2009

Beyond your skill level

When I first started writing seriously I had a story that I wanted to write that I knew was beyond my skill and technique...since then that story (a contemporary romance) has faded.

Then there was Heart Thief, book 2 of the Heart series. It features the sentient starship, Nuada's Sword and I started each of the chapters with a bit from the "Captain's Log" of the last days of the multi-generational voyage before they found Celta.

Since Heart Thief was first a romance, then a fantasy, then a romance again, I had to change the bits around and gave up. I still have them all and someday I might be able to publish a novella called Heart and Sword. Meanwhile, I used the story in Heart Journey which will be out next year.

But I found the Captain's Log, a story within a story at the start of each chapter beyond my technique, especially since I was trying to echo themes.

Now I'm hesitant about a scene because I think it, too, is beyond my technique...and I know that whatever I do, the words on the page won't match the scene in my head.

May you do the best you can today with the resources you have.


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