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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Heroic Qualities

I've been reading a lot lately and, like always, have an editor in my head. In any event, one of the books starts out with the hero thinking his life was terrible. His ex-girlfriend was following him around, nagging him -- not stalking...and he is supposed to be an alpha male. I kept waiting to find out what other awful stuff was going on, but that was it. I lost respect for the guy because he couldn't control his ex. So, I'm thinking what happened...

I believe the "my life is terrible" line was a hook, to get us interested in the hero. But it didn't pay off well, he had a good job and friends and power in the community. This guy wasn't a dark and brooding wounded man (which is usually used to show how much more dangerous he can be, fighting himself and issues, etc.). So not only is the pay-off lacking, but it also made him look weak. The fix, cut the first line. I did go on to finish the story and enjoyed it, but the set-up bothered me enough to write this.

My mentor (who writes mystery-action-adventure) always like to show the hero in ACTION in her first scene. It's advice I hadn't heard before this last year (always learning new things), and something I need to try a few times, too.

May you enjoy all your paperback heroes today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have just recently reread a series that I loved the first time I read them. The main male lead, in the second reading, really came across as whiny, always ready to place the blame somewhere else, and a poor, poor pityfull me kind of guy and I did not enjoy the series as a whole and the scenes with him in them. I actually learnt to not like the 'hero' of the series.
This one character is now making me rethink this author: do I just buy her books in the future, will her other books be like this? It is a shame, because I loved every other character in the books.

This has not happened with any book that you have ever written, by the way. I just buy your books and know that I am going to get a good read and have a good time.


12:46 PM  
Blogger FantasyAuthor RobinDOwens said...

Thanks, Tine. I've waited until I processed your comment to reply. I know, for me, there are authors who rarely disappoint, and I am very honored to be that for you. I hope I continue to please.

Thanks again,

7:32 AM  

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