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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Reading Your Work Aloud

Several ideas for the blog have come and gone without me wanting to write of them, but this one stuck. Mostly because I've taken to listening to an audio book as I fall asleep. I'll talk of audio books some other time.

In my critique group, we read the work aloud. This is an excellent technique for seeing awkward wording or sentences or if something sounds stupid or if you didn't get something on the page that was in your head.

There is a drawback, I think you can get away with more alliteration when not reading aloud, and some language tricks, that you can't when you DO read aloud. Be aware of these.

Reading aloud should also catch repetition of words and thoughts/ideas. I have some friends who read their whole book aloud before they submit it.

So think of using this technique, even by yourself...and if you do, you'll also know which parts would be good for reading at signings.

Also, both in critique group and at signings I've known people who don't do their work credit, as well as making the work sound better.

May you enjoy everything you read today -- aloud or not.


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