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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mentor Critique

Yes, she did it in red, which makes it easy to see, and since I told her I want to cut it, she was very picky.


Of course when things didn't work for her, I got "why" so most of the time I added.

I actually got this book last Friday and though I flipped through it, and considered taking a minor character out, today was the first day I actually worked with it.

I came to the minor character bit and I still liked it, saw the point of growth that I'd given hero (and since I'm skimming I'm not sure that I didn't make that particular point before). Since I didn't see how I could actually MAKE that point without the character (of course I can if I take a few hours, but I don't want to take a few hours right now), so far the minor character remains. I'll think on the specific.

This makes me feel lazy. I'm tired of the book, it needs a little finessing here, it would be fine without the character, but I sure would like to turn it in tomorrow and it's certainly better to fix it before turning in...and that's a whine. Sorry.

I'll fix the darn thing as soon as I can make my brain work. I have gotten through 160 pages already and cut 500 words even after the additions.

Of course the writer has the bottom line on whether to take critique or not, but I do think that deleting an additional one of the multitudinous characters in this book would be good, even though I like him.

So it goes, and as I've been typing I think I've found a way to work the scene. Maybe.

May your brains work well today.


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