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Tuesday, October 06, 2009


I am judging unpublished contest entries today and think that this may be the last time I do this. Even though the last contest I judged showed my scores a few points higher than the other judges, I feel grumpy and crotchety, and like I'm not being helpful.

Mostly because a character is doing something that doesn't make sense -- and continues to do things that don't make sense and I have lost the suspension of disbelief. I have a friend who says she'll buy almost anything if you motivate it, and I am beginning to agree.

You lose me as a reader if I don't understand why your character is doing something s/he wouldn't, if the motivation is not strong enough for him/her to react that way.

This applies to ALL writers, unpublished and published. For me, and for many readers, motivation is key. So make sure what your character is doing makes sense, especially within your world. A critique group is very good for this.

May you enjoy all that you do today.


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