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Friday, October 16, 2009


If you read my post yesterday, you could see that I was tired from the detail work of transcribing changes from mentor's hard copy to my desktop for 160 pages, 3.5 hours.

I wrote the blog here on my laptop downstairs at the dining room table, after I'd put breakfast on. Just the change in scenery helped stir thought that had gone dull at the upstairs desktop.

Taking breaks is necessary. Things that writers have said stir their creative juices are walking, exercising, gardening, showering.

Eating helps too. ;)

I CAN cut that additional character and tighten the tension between my hero and heroine when I do it. That will take about 2-5 pages out of the manuscript, additional words that I want gone.

So don't forget to eat or take breaks! Trust me, baby.

May the pace of your day be good today.


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