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Saturday, July 04, 2009


I dreamt I was asked to do a chapter by chapter outline for my Luna book and failed. Outlining serves many people, and the synopsis is there to show the editor how the story hangs together (which wasn't true in the case of Time Shifter), but outlining is not something I do easily.

And people who outline are doing what is right for them, but doesn't work for me. Even then, I think most folk discover the characters grow and change and may toss out the outline.

For me, the time when I "outline" most is when I am coming to the end of the book and I know the order of scenes. This is about 2-3 weeks out and if I write down 7 scenes they will probably get up to 10 or so.

I heard that for Nocturne, you need to provide a chapter by chapter outline and that would just be too hard for me, so though I considered Nocturne (and I haven't been writing as alpha heroes as they prefer), I am hesitant to think about them further.

So, if outlines work for you (and mentor has found that they are better for her when it comes to the middle of the book), I am pleased for you.

But I am sure that I/you/every writer needs to write the way they find best works for them. And the best editor is someone who points out "this doesn't make sense" and let's you figure out how to fix it.

Now I will be continuing to write today. If you're of USA, have a happy independence day holiday! If you're Canadian, I hope you had a good Canada Day, and if you are the rest of the world, enjoy your Saturday.


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