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Friday, June 26, 2009

Luna proposal out again -- Worldbuilding -- Backstory

So, I JUST emailed the Luna proposal for Out of Balance again. Since my editor had more problems with the worldbuilding than the pages or the synopsis, I went in detail about that (3353 words), and didn't revise the pages or the storyline and send those. If I must, I will do those, but I have worked really hard on building this world and hope that's enough for her to approve it.

Yesterday I spoke of my mentor and I've been thinking of my talk with her (and other proposals I've had her help on). The thing is, most of this worldbuilding is done up front (and I like to make it up as I go along), so it IS complex and she thinks it is complex...but not all goes into the book, and in the book, I can make readers suspend disbelief. This is all background stuff that shouldn't necessarily show.

But I am hoping to do personal research in Yellowstone and Mendocino next year (in Feburary, which will be dam cold in Wyoming and apparently rainy and cold in CA).

I really wish I could go to Tonga.

Anyway, it's raining and lightning-ing here and the power has already flickered and died once, so I'm off now.

I'm happy that the proposal is out (of course I was the first time, too).

May you enjoy whatever worlds you build or visit today.


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