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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

July Update is up

Another small excerpt from Heart Change. Worlds and Free Your Artist updated, too with general pics of Singer's Abbey in Echoes In The Dark.

Contest is for a mug with Windsor Castle on it, the general model for the Marshall's Castle.

I'm beat, I got one of those "we need cover art for Heart Journey" messages from my editor that is always sprung upon me one evening after business hours. Of course there is a HOUSE, and I couldn't find any good pics of it online, so since it's local I went and took some (a restaurant now).

Then I messed around with character generators at City of Heroes and got the best I could (mainly Raz's hair), with Raz and Del, though not very satisfied. Will post tomorrow, I suppose, so you can be dissatisfied with me. ;)

Enjoy your dreams.


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