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Monday, July 06, 2009

Horror Novels, Endings

I don't read many horror novels, though, of course, I have read some of Stephen King's. But I have a daily quote I subscribe to and today's was:

"Anybody could write a horror story if you didn't have to end it." Dan Curtis

Since I don't know the genre, I didn't know that the ending should foreshadow that the Big Nasty the characters had been battling the entire book is Not Quite Dead and Will Return. (I didn't know this about the movies, either).

I am a Happily Ever After girl, I want the thing done and gone and dead dead dead and the characters to be rewarded for great effort. If i didn't want that, I'd have killed off more folk in Echoes In The Dark. I've seen reviews that Echoes was "unrealistic" in that too many people lived.

I THOUGHT I'd set up that with a whole planet on your side, there would be magic and power to heal even the worst of wounds...and if I didn't, then that's my fault, I needed to add another few bits here and there.

...and I had no idea that this blog was going to turn out this way!....I meant to talk about horror. One of the hallmarks of horror is that the Big Nasty does not die, and, like I said, the return is foreshadowed.

Rather like: And as Raine and the survivors sailed away from Glassy Island, deep in the smallest crack in the smallest crevice, curled around a lost finger bone, a tendril of dark stirred......

So, that's that, and pretty much all I know of the horror genre.

May you laugh and laugh today.

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Anonymous Valerie Oakley said...

I loved the entire series just the way it was. Not all of us like Doom and Gloom.

11:39 AM  
Blogger FantasyAuthor RobinDOwens said...

Thanks, Valerie, I did think very, very hard about the ending.


7:30 AM  

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