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Friday, July 10, 2009

Cleaning up Files/Folders/Indices

This is a quick post, I need to get over and do a catsitting. Cali is lonely and my friend will not be home until Sunday...went over to a different friend's and shot her cat with insulin this am. They will be home today, thank heavens.

Today I cleaned up my files. I've actually been working in chronological order, but not naming new files. Instead, in my Chapters folder I had a 36 page Chapter 13, then Chapters 14a-i. :0

So I stuck them together, not looking at them very much, just for hooks that might be good.

Now I have Chapters 1-18, with a Chapter 19 working.

I ran up against a couple of scenes I'd done before. So it goes. Doesn't feel like I accomplished a great deal, but I think I have.

In any event, when was the last time YOU cleaned up your files? Do they need it? Consider this a reminder. ;)

I still have "bits," "weekendbit," "RazHouseBit" but I can live with those. I also messed around with Chapter 12.

So no new words to speak of.

May you feel accomplished today.


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