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Sunday, July 12, 2009

After the End -- Luna Summoning Series

All right, here are Michele Oberland's questions regarding what happens to Lladrana after the last battle.

Hi again, Robin

I have to talk about the book some more... these thoughts have been plaguing me for the last three days.

I know I mentioned about Koz in the last note.
But you know, my thoughts could not stop there.

Now that the Dark has been vanquished -- What will happen to the Economy of Amee?
What will happen to the assayer when there are no more monsters to slay? The price will skyrocket towards the end once they realize that the hides etc will be at a premium and once they are gone, they are gone. What will he do for business then? Will a harvest of potatos replace the harvest of hides?

The fighters... after all they've trained for, lived for. There will be no more need for their services, their expertise. Like our soldiers returning from Iraq, how will they assimulate back into a peaceful society when they've not known anything except battle?
Will some experience Post Traumatic stress disorder?
They have to find a new niche in life. Don't they?
I expect the Exotiques to adjust a bit better because they lived so long on Earth, in peace... will they be the light to their mates and show them how to adjust to living without the threat of the Dark?

The Valorans - their sense of self worth seems to be attached to the honor they achieved by serving thieir human counterparts. They are sentient, how is this going to affect them?

With the loss of Bossgard.... will Koz take his place? Is he now the premier mirror wizard? Is it possible that Bossgard knew he'd not live through it and perhaps left something waiting for Koz if he moved into his castle??

Here's somthing else... The Dark concentrated on most of the land near and around the gong. But the whole planet was not under attack, was it? Is it possible there might be a portion of the planet that escaped the Dark's notice and attacks? A people? A specie? Something that was too fragile to fight back against the Dark and that is why Amee focused on people that lived on the land that housed the gong?

Is Amee truly done with the people that gave their all for her?

Sorry about the long list, but this is what your last book inspired - questions, wonderings, imaingings..what will life be like for everyone without the stress of trying to survive every minute of every day....

It has been a LONG time since a book series kept me in its grip long after the final read. Robin, does it HAVE to be final?


Robin D. Owens
July 6 at 3:33pm
Michele, sorry for the late reply, I've been living in a new Luna universe lately and then the Heart universe.

First, there are still horrors roaming around, brutish and not controlled by the Dark or the Master, but I can see them migrating (though they don't reproduce), and causing trouble for a few decades until they are all destroyed.

Ah, the Assayer did like his monsters. I think he shut up shop at the castle and moved to Castleton to do taxidermy and refurbishing on any that might come to him.

There is more trade for Lladrana now that they aren't fighting and can concentrate on business.

Regarding the Chevaliers. ALL of them had a life before they became Chevaliers. Some return and are well integrated into life. Some fight the horrors. Those who swore loyalty oaths to a lady or lord are still involved in that person's defense. A few went Bad, leaving others to clean 'em up.

Of course there are nightmares and PTSD. The Singer (Jikata) offers free help for these and can cure it. Not easily, but a real cure.

The Exotiques remain a close knit group and help each other through whatever problems they have. Bastien helps govern Lladrana, Jaquar pursues his studies, Marrec has settled into a life as a country squire and Sevair returned to his passion of architecture. Faucon is doing VERY well in his shipping empire and Luthan and Jikata spend time at both his estate and the Singer's Abbey. They have full lives.

I think the volarans are concentrating on a breeding program with the Earth horses, also are exploring the world with some of the Chevaliers.

Koz is the greatest mirror magician (I'm sorry I didn't have time or room to tell his story). He married another mirror magician, and they live near her home. He isn't as interested in trans-dimensional mirrors as Bossgond, so he hasn't continued in that direction. But Bossgond had a school with Marian and that school is ongoing. One of the students may take over his telescopes and his mirrors.

There is quite a thriving world outside of Lladrana (I have a world map on my website) and the globe in my "room" at http://www.robindowens.com is of Amee), both the City States to the East and Krache to the south are populous, as well as the islands in the Brisay Sea.

Amee continues to speak to the Singer in prophecies, but she is healing at a planetary rate (slowly).

Thanks for all the questions, they made me think! I hope the answers were helpful and not too contradictory.



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