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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Writer's Life

Well, I've recovered from the conference, cleaning person came yesterday and I got out of the house and drove to a bookstore and signed "stock" or "inventory." Reminding you all that there is a good amount of Heart books at the Lone Tree Borders.

Am about to go up and take a bath, then grocery shop for food I can eat at home, THEN will FINALLY get back to Heart Change.

What I didn't tell you all (and am getting over the shock of it) was that publisher dumped Echoes in the Dark on me a week ago Friday evening with the request to download and print out the first bit so I could send them chunks to be in their office by the following Thursday AM (essentially 5 days). Full ms came Sat. I put in some 15 hour days...broken by family party, booksigning, the promo stuff I listed during that week...thus the reason the Lone Tree signing was not well promoted by me, and why I didn't work several days on my lecture and ran out of material...the RMFW Memorial Table was ok, but not as nice as I wanted to make it.

A week ago seems like a year past and two weeks ago like five years...I'd have to look at the blog to see what I did.

Anyway, after the Absolutely Necessary shopping trip (naturally, stocked up on tea walked down during a break and picked some up). I'll be back to look at Heart Change, and find out where I left it.

Next big activity is Mile Hi Con where I'm doing a very short seminar about writing software which, of course, I have to research again...or maybe I'll just open Write Way which I bought last year. I have Dramatica which I use when I'm desperate and Power Structure. You will note that most of these are plotting programs, though I think they do have help on character generation...

That's it for me. May you feel fulfilled at work today.


Blogger Crystal Jordan said...

Glad you survived it all! *hugs*

1:32 PM  
Blogger Janice said...

Just poping in to say "hi".


12:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A reader...
This is a challenge!
I have read hundreds of romance novels, and there is an excess of red-headed heroines (lovely as they are!): their numbers far beyond the percentage of them in real life even in the places where they are more numerous, like Scotland and Hungary. However, only in two occasions I have read a romance with a hero with red hair - Scott and Welsh. I wonder why? This seems strange to me since there are many medieval and other historical stories of great warriors and statesmen with the ginger hair: Roger de Flor for example. They are very attractive in a Frightening kind of way: Dangerous, Daring, Ferocious, Big and Cunning. What about one red hero from you?! This of course if you ever get the time or the inclination!
I just love your books anyway. Thanks.

1:19 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Reader, I actually feel like you do. There need to be more redheaded or auburn headed men.

Most of my guys' looks are simply based on the Ogham (what are the colors of that month), or have formed in my head. Thus, Ash and the Hollys. Saille, I think, had chestnut hair which is brown with red highlights.

The Lladranan men, of course, were all Asian, so there was not much scope for that there ... hmmm.... I'll be thinking where I can put him...


8:17 AM  

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