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Saturday, September 06, 2008

As the Story Grows -- Heart Fate

I said a while back that some scenes were set up for stories down the line, series scenes. Sometimes I can integrate these well, and occasionally I can't, and now and then I like to include them to tease the author, such as introduce-a-new-hero/heroine scene.

Of course people walk on stage now without me calculating and that usually means they will end up dead or married off.

Things that changed in Heart Fate: Lahsin was supposed to have a cat. I decided a dog would be better for her and the series, and I had fun contrasting "philosophies" of dogs vs. cats.

The Turquoise House and it's subplot grew completely, (I cut a bit of this subplot so will put some up on WORLDS), many times I'd be writing and the new scene would appear...which was fun, but it also led to a subplot that had to be integrated into Lahsin's life as well as Tinne's and needed to be tied up on its own so it lengthened the book. Also here is a tiny set up for later (clever readers get a hint as to which character will eventually claim it). AND, I have enough "juice" in that plot that can GIVE ME CLUES if I want to use them later on. That's the best.

Tinne's fear and where it came from.

Tinne's creative Flair (though I'd thought of this before I didn't include it before and wish I had).

In a bit I'll post of the threads I needed to pick up from previous books and weave in. One was the biggest of them all...

May you enjoy all the new and old in your life today.


Blogger Diane P said...

Ok I was up until Midnight finishing Heart Fate and that was on a Friday night after the first week of school.
I really enjoyed the book and liked how you tied the characters together as well as foreshadowing some future stories.
The family chart helped keep the characters straight. I hope you continue with that.

9:13 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Thanks, Diane, and the chart was slightly out of date with regard to the Blackthorns.

I am so chuffed that you'd read me after the first week of school. THANKS.


10:30 PM  
Anonymous Love Ann Dougherty said...

I received the book on Friday and read it all day Sunday...finished it before I went to bed. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and visiting the world of Celta with all of the great characters you've so carefully built. You captured heart pain and the very human need to lick emotional wounds so perfectly -- I really felt both characters reasons for their behavior. Heartmate was so very wonderful, Heart Fate brought a level of depth and color to the Celta experience that as a fan I very much appreciated. Plus....I LOVED THE DOG!! Thanks for keeping the FAMs such an integral part of the stories...I really enjoy them. KEEP UP THE FANTASTIC WORK! Love Ann (Chicago Fan)

9:55 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Ann, Thanks! Whew (I think I'm saying that a lot). Yes, I liked the dog very much, too. A Noble Hound, and a contrast to the cats.


2:55 PM  

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