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Friday, September 05, 2008

Covers -- Heart Duel, with excerpt

PhotobucketI have stories for all my covers. Note the Heart Duel cover (which is the same all across the web), it is NOT the same on the book. This is the original cover art for Heart Duel, and more vibrant than the actual cover. Also the round diamond is replaced by a boomerang shaped ruby.

Picky? Well, you see, I waited to describe the sword on the cover in the story until I got the art, then, of course, they changed the art on me, so I definitely noticed.


[Holm's] own eyes were probably the same cold pewter hue as T’Holly’s. “I would never have believed that my Family would be so ungenerous as to deny me my HeartMate.” He unbuckled his main gauche, sword, and blaser and placed them on T'Holly's desk. They all had Holly symbols.

His father stared wildly at the weapons, as if trying to gather his wits.

Holm summoned the ceremonial HollyHeir sword from his suite. The intricate hand guard and central diamond gleamed in the summer sunlight. “I see you are collecting swords today,” Holm said.

He looked down at his clothes. With a Word he re-tinted his trous from dark green to black. The coloring wasn't altogether successful. It looked as if he had a scabrous disease. He shrugged. He had failed in everything and was past caring about appearance.

He shucked his vest and dropped it on the desk, then turned and left.

"You can't go into the streets defenseless!" T'Holly shouted.

Holm didn't stop.

He closed the door behind him and nearly ran into his G'Uncle Tab. Something seemed wrong with Holm's vision.

"Here, boy." Tab steadied him. The weapons he carried clanged. "Damn' stupid Lord, stubborn, thick-headed...." he muttered as he strapped a plain broadsword and blaser on Holm.


And you do know that when I transition to the younger generation, the oldest person in the series will have to Pass Onto The Wheel Of Stars? Of course the Celtans definitely believe in reincarnation.

May you enjoy the view today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Robin;

I am glad that your chat went well. I will keep my fingers crossed about your book signings. Do you ever do them in the eastern PA area?

I have always liked your covers with the objects on the front. I must be in the minority, if your publisher thinks that a hot bod sells more books. Did you find that to be true between Quest and Dance? That was also the transition between paperback and trade. Did that make a difference in the number of books sold? What is the reasoning between the change in size of your books? Does that company not sell hardback books and therefore, trade is the next size up?

I have realized that the in writing about the younger generation means that some of the older generation (the current main characters' parents) will not be quite so active in your stories.


4:50 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Tine, I don't study my royalty statements that closely, but Sue Grimshaw (the romance buyer for the Borders chain) said that it's good to change covers at about 5-6 in a series so that they seem fresh to readers. So a lightbulb went off in my mind as to what marketing was thinking.


5:21 PM  
Blogger Crystal Jordan said...

Does this mean Tab's going to die? That's so sad...I do love him as a character. I was kind of hoping someone else, though I won't say who ;-)

I'm finally getting to read Heart Fate, and I'm loving it!

2:48 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Yup, Crystal, Tab will go. OTOH, I am thinking that I might be able to reincarnate him...


2:56 PM  

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