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Sunday, September 14, 2008

RMFW Day 2

Well, I got to the conference about 9, and gave the panel on What Genre Are You, then did my 10 things in the first 3 pages and zoomed through it, with a half hour to spare...(due to circumstances beyond my control last week I was unable to prepare as much as I wanted to)...so there were very few questions which I had anticipated having more, but my DEAR friend Janet Lane helped me out by asking questions until others chimed in and we had discussions. Urgh.

Then I went to a wonderful hypnosis, creative visualization session with Lynda Hilburn (ok, when she pitched to the conference I told Peggy to do this one)...in the middle I "went away" as usual from a mountain meadow of wildflowers to return to this octagonal wooden tower with mist outside...anyway, very relaxing.

We didn't have any of our lunchtime similies win this year...and the kickoff speach by PJ Parish was excellent. Gotta go now.

May your day be filled with the pleasure of good friends.


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