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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Who's A Published Author? Writing Organizations

Recently we got a request from a writer who wanted to get his PEN (first sale) award because he'd sold to a small e-pub who would pay royalties -- after they published his book next year... So, is he published or not.

This has been a hideous question that RWA has struggled with, and is thorny. People vociferously lobbied for epublishing to be recognized...but many on the boards of RWA said they were looking after authors and were not believed.

I've had good friends and acquaintances get REALLY BURNED by epubs. I've heard sad stories and horror stories, and stories that resulted in writers angry at other writers which is NOT GOOD. We need to stick together.

So RMFW is tackling this issue today (at Woodbury Library, close to me and Mile High Stadium, good luck in getting around). I think we're going to go with something like the Mystery Writers of America, at least that looks good to moi.

The Science Fiction Writers Association seems to have convoluted rules. RWA's new rules are pretty good, too.

Anyway that's it, I think I'll clean the kitchen...I found there were very few places I could take a pic of with the new camera that didn't show a bit of mess.

Flat surfaces are my Doom.

May no doom come upon you today.


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