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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Day Off -- Refilling the Well

I crashed on Sunday and most of yesterday, and instead of writing this am, I went out to do my errands when it was cool.

So as soon as I finish this, I'll be working on Heart Change...though my mentor is always wary about someone working on a book before a contract has been negotiated or is in hand. As it is, I will be lucky to get Heart Change out next November (instead of December). The current due date is end of February, which gives me (I hope) plenty of time to do a good job on the book.

I also want to work on the paranormal romance light urban fantasy proposals. I have the first chapter of one, the first few lines of the second. The second I have a greater idea of the outline...ah, well.

I haven't received the comments from my editor about Echoes In The Dark which she said would be coming (and she hadn't read the end, where I added two scenes), so now is a little window of relaxation.

May you enjoy the pace of the day today.


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