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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I am in San Francisco staying at the Mosser in a single room that is about as big as my office. The bathroom is next door. The cost is $135/night, but is across the street from the Marriott. My box of books for the signing is here. Whew.

There is jackhammering going on, the note on the elevator says it is City of SF working on the sidewalk this week. Joy.

The room had an odd smell that I, being from the dry mountain & plains and not of the Victorian era (which the hotel is), couldn't identify. It now smells like Poison perfume.

I am sitting straight legged on my bed that looks like a 3/4, futon like, and it's a little Japanese like (or if you take away the plain wooden frames, slats, fake flower arrangement, probably quite boarding house like). The fan is going and there is a little radiator mounted on the wall.

I paid AT&T 9.99 for the day, 'cause I love you folks so....

Anyway, that's it, 'cause I want to get out and walk over to the Marriott across the street and see what's happening. Oh, and get my box from downstairs. And peek in the bathroom.



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