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Sunday, July 27, 2008

No Rum or Coke, but Diet Cherry Pepsi

Yes, sometimes I dose myself to get through the work or the emotions or the day. I am trying to be very careful of my alcohol intake because I know a lot of writers go that way. In any event, it didn't even occur to me until about day 3 of the revision process to have some rum (put away at the beginning of the month when the book was done). But you need a sharp mind for revisions, for me, rum is when the looming deadline hits and I wonder if I can finish the book. To blur the world a little for the creative muse to stagger through.

Caffine, on the other hand, is very necessary. Especially to keep going during the long days that I try to do my revisions in. So I had some tea from the local shop. Some called Very Strong Black Tea, and it is. Some good Assam, and my standard Diet Cherry Pepsi, which I ran out of on day 4. Doesn't sound long, right, only 4 days for revision (though I did a few hours before then), but it seemed like an eternity. I don't think I could have faced a day 5 in a row... anyway, I was down to contemplating walking to the local liquor store for cold diet coke.

Choose your poisons carefully. Use only as much as you need (that's a slogan ALL over Denver this year about water, we are 6 1/2 inches low on rainfall this year, my yard looks like straw. I'm going to have little brother come and backhoe it up). Put them away when the job is done, or make sure you change your customs so you don't associate them with writing.

That said, I am out of my Very Strong Black Tea.....

May you be reasonable today.


Blogger Janice said...

I usually drink coke, but I got terrible heartburn. Today I was snappy.

No coke make Jan an irritable lady.

My daughter made sure I had a coke to drink today.

Then at dinner my husband did.


1:57 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

LOL. Thanks.


1:22 PM  

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