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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Brainstorming, Blahs, Contest Entries, Deadlines

That's life today. Mostly the Blahs and the beginning of deep panic at the deadline. I still have my work to do today and it's nearly 7. After dinner. And I've been writing in sequence so that might have led to the blahs as well as summer definitely being here, finally (have I said that before?)

Tommy cat was off his game today, don't know why, so I attributed it to being out of his specific crunchy chow and just came back from Pets Mart with it. He eats it reluctantly anyway.

Anyway, since I have to write fast to get work done today I'm letting myself write out of sequence. I'll read the set-up scene, tinker with it a bit then (hopefully) zoom on from there.

Am I crazy to think writing a 600 pg book in 5 months is fast? Urgh. I don't know. It seems if I'd kept a steady schedule that would work, but that's always been easier said than done.

Contest Entries: I got entries in an unpubbed contest I'm judging today, opened it up and said "Hook me, baby," got confused in the second paragraph and stopped. So I'll have to comment like ?????? What is he referring to?

My mentor called to brainstorm. I didn't help much, but just talking through her trilogy, sparked an idea that will solve her problems, so being a wall to bounce ideas off of can WORK.

Guess that's my advice for the day: never be afraid to brainstorm with someone else, if they don't help you, then it might spark something in your own head. CAVEAT, there is an unwritten and understood rule between my mentor and me. We will not try to change each other's story. When you brainstorm with someone, you do it within the confines of THEIR story.

May you enjoy all your stories today.


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