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Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Well, morning/day wordcount has been done and I'm hoping I can get in more in the afternoon. My schedule's been rocky the last couple of weeks and that hasn't happened.

Also, since I added carbonite (the backup program), the desktop continues to take about 20 minutes to load with different programs fighting to be first. I am most particularly irritated with Hewlitt Packard which seems to think that "order reminder" MUST load first. I've tried, and the computer guys tried, to get rid of that but it remains. If I just hadn't purchased the color printer/copier (which I noted was better than newer models), I'd get something else, and NOT an HP since it's screwing up my software...

The computer repair person also scolded me for keeping the massive thing on the floor (and too close to the corner of the desk, too, I think), so I had to rearrange the left part of my desk (it's a u with mostly storage on the right), I'm thinking of drilling some holes so my cables don't snake across my desk but go tidily under the top to hook into the back of Big Blue (desktop).

And I need to set up the expensive wi-fi.

But writing comes first. So I am feeling pretty good today. Jikata is about to make a break from the Singer's Abbey, Luthan has been notified, the trials for who will be part of the invasion force to fight the Dark are winding down at the Castle and Raine is at the shipyards (not really, but to tell would be a spoiler), with the last of her designs for the ship.

This afternoon, hopefully, Jikata will make it out of the Abbey, Luthan will meet her, and Raine will meet the local fisherfolk.

May you have a busy and successful day,


Blogger Tannun said...

Are you going to tie up the Judge's connection to all these Exotiques? I'd honestly thought his wife was going to be the last exotique summoned, so am a bit surprised. Just don't leave that mystery hanging!

I noticed Heart Dance was posted on fictionwise.com in the last day or so. That's the second Heart book to go up. With other authors when a book or two in a series has gone up, the rest soon follow. I hope so, and was happy to find that my purchases of books from there did not affect your royalties! :)

3:48 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Hey, Tannun. Yes, I will tie in the judge, definitely. He has a couple of scenes (3 I think).

Heart Dance came out in mass market paperback this month, and I think that's when my publisher will be releasing epubbed editions.

I don't know if the others will be epubbed or not, or whether my publisher has electronic copies.

Thanks for your comment!
Take care, robin

11:24 PM  

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