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Monday, March 03, 2008



3. What's the name of the ranch where wild mustangs transition in TEN THINGS I'D DO FOR A COWBOY? Answer at www.donnamichaelsauthor.com

I'm working with a friend on her first book (though she's multi-published in short fiction). Like many of us who write fantasy, what's in our minds doesn't always make it on the page. I read her work in big chunks (I have the full), then call her and we go over it.

I hope I help, though I also emphasize that this is HER story. Mostly I mark where I'm confused or want more information or motivation.

Work was late tonight because I got going late (FINALLY found wet food that Tommy likes, though I may be going to the organic pet store again for different wet food), then I watched some of the special on the Royal Family (my family is Anglophile), then my friend came over and we went through my comments. So I finished at about 10:30, just a little over my word count. It felt good, though, working. I know I'm behind on my daily count, and I just hope I'm not too far behind on my deadline.

I got an idea for the second scene (hero) of Heart Journey.

May you enjoy whatever you are doing today.


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