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Tuesday, March 04, 2008



4. What charity benefits from sales of Diana Cosby's HIS CAPTIVE? Answer at www.dianacosby.com

Reminding you the website has been updated. My contest this month is a koala bear keychain (Bri has one in Keepers of the Flame so the teaser is up, too).

Also on the WORLDS page, KEEPERS OF THE FLAME is a longer Chapter 1. Like I say, 3 of 5 times I nail the first chapter and this was not one of those times. I actually started at Elizabeth's apartment, I believe (lost in the mists of time and though I could check, I won't). Maybe my rate is going down to 2 of 5 times... Anyway it's a bit longer and does include a little more set up for the whole series.

Free your artist is about the "element" WATER.

Just realized I forgot to include a cover for Heart Fate on Bookshelf. Urgh.

I've been checking my email (got a WONDERFUL one) etc. for a little over an hour and a half so now I can post and get this daily task out of the way. :)

The snow is mostly melted but it's not nearly as warm as it was. Today I plan to do my wordcount on Singer for a World/Echoes in the Dark/Echoes of the Dark, whatever-it-is-called, and maybe start the hero's scene in Heart Journey. I know what he's doing and why (going to have some divination in this book again, none for several books), but I'm not quite sure where he is...or rather why he is where he is (and that doesn't make sense?), well, the setting, and who is with him.

So now that I've totally confused all of us, I guess I'll sign off.

May the day be as sunny as you want it to be.


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