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Friday, March 21, 2008

EEEk! Heart Fate & Revision Stats

Ok, I'm up, leaving for Limon later and decided that I really should take Mistral in today (been seeswaing on that). My Mom will drop by tomorrow to feed cats while I'm gone. So I gotta tidy up big time. Think I'll collect myriad cups and go down to the kitchen and start with dishes.

Anyway, yesterday Iwas printing out Heart Fate for Mom and it went from Chapter 21 to 23. I about fell from my chair. Looks like when I was cutting and tightening and changing chapters for hooks that I mislabeled 22 as 23 and all the rest. I may do a "compare" of both ARCs but it will look very messy. But thinking I dropped a full chapter took my breath.

This can happen, or I duplicate bits, mostly because I move the hook...

So, mind your cuts today!


Original document: C:\ABLAZE Files\Heart Fate TH\Hold\Heart Fate Original Rough.wpd
Revised document: @PFDesktop\:MyComputer\C:\ABLAZE Files\Heart Fate TH\Hold\HeartFateWithSceneCuts.wpd
Deletions are shown with the following attributes and color:
Strikeout, Blue RGB(0,0,255).
Deleted text is shown as full text.
Insertions are shown with the following attributes and color:
Double Underline, Redline, Red RGB(255,0,0).

The document was marked with 2583 Deletions, 1551 Insertions, 0 Moves.

Much of that would be word choice...but, like, URGH! =:0

And may you have a stress free day.


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