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Friday, March 21, 2008

Creativity Weekend Day 1

Well I got to Limon all right, checked in, and the car died. Called AAA, they jumped it, and I drove around to recharge the battery. I've used the car every day, went to the store this am, not sure what happened. Limon is spread out, especially where we're staying in relation to the business district and other places I'd anticipated going. Needless to say I stayed close to the hotel and am now a little worried. Got a real car guy here and jumper cables, etc. My room looks pretty much like the photo link, there is a little table to type on.

Anyway, the rest of the evening was good. I committed art, a piece called the Pirate King and Lock and Key, talked. We listened to "Grease Wars" which was a riot. Got to get the disk. Talked writing (synopses & proposal), and politics and religion and physics and reading and space exploration and geekishness (one of the guys has five different ways to access the net), and the history of early English ambassadors to the colonies. That's some of the topics. Religion actually came first and politics pretty much last.

We broke up about a half hour ago, I did my stretches, saw the time and thought I'd blog.

I get many of my supplies here for my collages all year and was unhappy that I couldn't raid Hoffman Drug by myself (I was the first here). Anyway, I'm going to read a little (The Prize, an old historical romance by Julie Garwood and the POV shifts are a little tough), then I packed my meditation tapes and I'll listen until I fall asleep, I guess.

May you have a lovely day alone or with friends.


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