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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Quote, Searching for Docs...

I SEARCHED for this quote for one of Margie Lawson's classes (which I usually contribute to) last month and couldn't find it. So I finally made a separate document of it with words (unpublished/landscape) that were in my head mistakenly. And if I put it here I can cleverly search HERE next time...

Anyway, my FileHand Search isn't working on this machine, fine on the laptop but not here. Not sure why except probably too much stuff.

Here's the Quote:
In waiting for the glorious moment of that first book contract, writers must have giant reservoirs of patience. Yet they must persevere because they don't know the destiny that is being worked out for them. They creep humbly along the ground, without the spacious aerial vision of their lives that would show them the destiny in store for them. Ron Chernow.

May you enjoy your journey today.


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