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Monday, February 18, 2008

Suspension of Belief

What you want to do is the lowest common denominator in your stories, make them as absolutely believable as possible, especially if you are writing paranormal.

I just finished talking with my mentor about Kay Hooper's work (since I finished her new book today). My mentor is always very plot conscious, and also grounded in the here and now (as opposed to being open to a lot of woo-woo stuff, but she likes my work).

Kay Hooper doesn't work for her. I like Kay Hooper as long as she isn't killing off viewpoint characters. I stopped buying and reading her after one of her books, and am still a little leery, but as long as she doesn't do it again (or as long as we aren't completely in the viewpoint of the victim when being tortured -- she does use victim viewpoints), I can handle a lot of strange motivation and perhaps a slightly less than rational plot.

I LIKE paranormal, reading and writing, so the bar of my suspension of belief is higher than someone who really wants logical and rational stories, whose suspension of belief would be quite low.

Now I need to finish getting ready for my talk at Perl Mack library. It's not until 6 pm, but I'll be going WITH rush hour traffic, so I'm leaving quite early.

Take care and may you believe whatever stories you want to today,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How did the Gharmin Nuvi perform? I find curious weak spots in mine but nothing that would make me give it up. I just call mine Nuvi. Very unimaginative. My friend calls hers Jill.


11:27 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

The Nuvi performed fine except for operator error. :) I thought I knew the general direction I was going (northeast) and headed that way for the highway (it always sends me south east to catch the highway and I prefer the straight north shot). Anyway, once I realized I had to go west, the way it said, it was much smoother.

The thing I don't particularly like is that it says something like "go the beginning of the road" and I could get lost doing that....

I haven't named mine yet, haven't named my PDA either.

Thanks for asking!

1:57 PM  

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