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Saturday, February 16, 2008


Tip: Prepare to be a speaker. My improv experience was priceless. Also, make notes you can speak on and remember that even a new author will have stories to tell.

Just in from speaking at Northglenn Public Library, a small session but I had a good time, told many of my favorite stories, and will do it all over again on Monday night...except I'll get different questions. I only got lost in one diversion...and darn, it was a good point I wanted to make, and recalled a few minutes later when I was driving home.

I got more than my wordcount done today.

It's been a good day...even though I didn't know I should have looked more like my website photo (which is an impossibility unless I take a couple of hours), since that was the one they had of me.

Oh, and I took the cat to the vet and she is still in remission of diabetes and her blood sugar was in the lower normal range. So I won't be watching her fat intake as much, she's lost a couple of pounds too.

My vet is a Mom & Pop operation and I was told a couple of months ago that he had an accident with his hand. A couple of his fingers still looked bad. Seems like it was an accident with a table saw =:0 But he can still do surgery, which was a great relief to them. Being a very reasonable vet and a Mom and Pop operation, I know that that was a great concern.


May you stay safe today.


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