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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tools, Getting Out, Daily Tip

Last Friday I had lunch with a friend in Boulder, but couldn't find the place and neither could Virgin Mobile (cell phone), finally asked. I am speaking in two Adams county libraries this month one of which is "hard to find." So I moved the Garmin GPS unit up on my priorities list and bought one last night. I think it will be good. I'd never thought I'd want one but that changed last November at retreat when Gabrielle had one, just put in the address to gardens we wanted to see in the unit and away we went, no pouring over maps ahead of time, or keeping an eye on one.

This unit has voice which I may turn off. If I don't go the way it wants it says "recalculating" in a very long suffering tone of voice which amuses me now but might be irritating in the future. It also can't pronounce "Zuni" properly, and definitely not the way native Denverites do. Zoon-I.

Anyway, I put it in this am to take me to my mechanic. It was wonderful. I never go to the car place the same way, always try to figure out the best way. I liked how it directed me.

So now, having eaten breakfast while waiting for the downtown library to open, I am here at the library. It is a beautiful day and I liked the walk from the restaurant to the library. My mechanic will drive me to downtown but not home. I am sitting on the second floor, listening to my subliminal music and having just downloaded and installed Firefox again. The DPL now does NOT charge for connection, which I'd been prepared to pay. Lovely. I am looking at the back, southeast side of the structure that I used for SupremeGrove -- the outside "highest court" in Heart Thief. I am feeling good even though I know I'll have about a $550 car bill for new brakes. After all, you can't say "No, thanks, I'll wait on the brakes," can you? Well, I did in November, but it was slated to happen last month but I was too poor.

I know I've talked about introversion, cocooning, hermiting, huddling, before. I know I've said that I need to get out more. I know I've MEANT to get out more. I just haven't. Now I think I need a sacred date/artist date with myself to actually drive somewhere once a week. The drive last Friday was wonderful, and the walking around today has been great (I'll walk back to the Adams Mark and pick up a cab to my mechanic, bus really doesn't run close). The time researching in Idaho Springs was lovely, with drives every day. So, again, as long as the weather is good, I'll be taking a drive once a week.

I forgot to bring a book, so I observed in the restaurant and worked a little on my fantasy story.

Now I have to check the email to see if I have anything from my agent, editor, or the library where I'll be speaking on Saturday. Then I DO have to work. I'm usually done with my am work by this time and just getting started, but...I feel good.

Tip: If you're an introvert, particularly a SINGLE writer, get out at least once a week to restore your well.

May the sun shine on you today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the hardest thing about having a GPS is giving up control and following the directions it tells you to go. The second hardes thing is to stop arguing with it.

I have found that there are definately words that are funny when spoken by my Gharmin. Maryland was very interesting, I had to look at it to see what it was trying to say. Chincoteagae was absolutely beyond it. Maybe if you initiate the Australian accent or British accent it might not bother you as much. I look foward to hearing some words, especially any word of Indian origin ^_^


10:18 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Tine, I found that it might not take me by the best route, but that it will definitely get me where I need to go.

We have a whole A-Z set of streets in Denver named after Native American tribes (Navajo, Lipan...etc.) so it WILL be interesting.

Anyway, the real test will be Monday night.
Thanks, Robin

5:25 PM  

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