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Friday, February 01, 2008


My Mom's Birthday is today, I've already called her up and sung in her phone but I don't think she's home (and she gets up at 5 I think). Anyway, I wished her a Happy Birthday.

One whole year I called her "Mumsy" My family will not let me forget this. Obviously I thought I was being way cool and everyone else was thinking I was being strange (as usual) and laughing behind my back. I laugh now.

Anyway, I'm working on the first chapters of Heart Fate that I have critique from my critique group. There's a section that's really rough. It's one of those the-writer-is-figuring-out-the-book sections so much CAN be cut.

The photo of my desk a couple of days ago was a coupla years ago (or one) but I was surprised how much my desk looked like that now when I compared. The purple feathered mask is gone, did not escape the cats, and under it was a stack. Like this morning. That stack is chapters I've taken to critique for the current book and its now downstairs on the dining room table ready to be tackled.

Body is stiff from sitting in hard chairs hunched over keyboards, so bath has been run, then I work on the book, then will print the sucker out (need more paper, but I have new toner ready, the last has been fading) and mail it. Tomorrow am at the latest...It will, of course, cost me a fortune, two mss. at 500 pages+ and a diskette overnight. Urgh. My own fault of course.

So, fiddling today, a last spellcheck. Did all my ** yesterday evening. I've uploaded it to a gmail account several know JUST IN CASE.

And that's my rambling...off Mom again. Well, I'm gonna take her out for oyster stew and give her Heart Fate.

Love to all, and may you be cheerful today.


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